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There is a little known secret in this world about retirement:  it is easy to be rich in retirement.

People have heard about it but nobody does it because nobody in America thinks about retirement.  It seems boring because maybe it is boring.  We just don’t think long term.

Here it is folks plain and simple. 

Ready?  Because this is easy. 

I will make a moderate assumption that someone averages, throughout their lifetime, a salary of $50,000 a year.  That’s an average throughout your life.  Many of you will average more but some less.  Anyway, the same principles apply. 

All you need to do are two things:  max out your 401k every year AND contribute to a Roth IRA.

Many people wonder Is a Roth IRA a Good Idea and the answer is ABSOLUTELY!  It’s better than the traditional IRA.  So, if you have not done so, learn How To Open A Roth IRA and get started.

If you just do these two things (and nothing else), you my friend will be a millionaire at retirement!


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