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Romney Poll NumbersNobody really know what happened to Obama in the first presidential debate.  Pre-debate, most pundits thought that Barack would win the debate by a landslide.  Not only did he not win, he got pummeld by Mitt Romney.

Now, as I just read the headlines, Romney got a much needed boost from his gutsy, some would say “inspiring” debate performance.

I am an Obama fan but was very disappointed in his debate performance.  He was nearly, literally, asleep at the wheel.

So, of course, Romney is now saying that if Obama can’t even prepare for a debate, how can he be prepared to lead for 4 more years? 

So, let’s take a look at the latest Romney polls and see how he has gained in numbers from the debate:

Romney:  Rising in Polls Post-Date

Presidential debate predictions: Will Mitt Romney or Barack Obama be crowned?
The first 2012 presidential debate set to take place tonight in Colorado could propel Barack Obama further in the polls, or it could be the turn-around point for Mitt Romney’s campaign. Between polls of likely voters and politicians playing the expectations game, here’s how the bets are lining up: (read more)

Mitt Romney gets post-debate boost in the polls. Will it last?
Mitt Romney is moving ahead in the first public opinion polls taken since his debate with President Obama. But there are two more debates and a month to go until Election Day, and the race remains close. (read more)

Romney bounce: Polls show tightening of race
THE US election race appears to be tightening in the wake of President Barack Obama’s lacklustre debate performance, with new national and state polls showing a bounce for Mitt Romney since the two faced off last week. (read more)

Romney pulls even with Obama in first post-debate Gallup poll
Gallup poll numbers released Monday continue to demonstrate what appears to be a Mitt Romney surge coming out of last week’s debate, with the Republican nominee pulling even with President Obama in a post-debate survey.  (read more)

Slide halted, Romney challenging Obama in swing states
PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida (Reuters) – Mitt Romney appeared on Sunday to have halted his perilous slide in the polls and is back to running a close race with President Barack Obama as he prepares a new assault on the Democrat over foreign policy. A solid performance against Obama at Wednesday’s first presidential debate in Denver has helped the Republican challenger regain ground in several swing … (read more)

Romney sees a post-debate bump in the polls
Mitt Romney is within striking distance of President Obama in a new poll released on Sunday. (read more)

Polls Show Romney Closing in on Obama After Debate
Four national tracking polls released Sunday show Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney maintaining the gains he made after last Wednesday’s debate in Denver, while one of the surveys has President Barack Obama’s lead further declining. (read more)

Romney close behind Obama after debate, jobs report
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stayed within striking distance of President Barack Obama in a Reuters/Ipsos poll on Sunday, coming in two points behind the Democrat for the third straight day after winning last week’s debate in Denver. The online survey found 47 percent of likely voters saying they would vote for Obama and 45 percent for Romney if the … (read more)



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