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I have been searching for ways to promote my Olswell blog and I have come across the idea of guest blogging as a way to promote my site.  The idea of submitting guest posts to other people’s blog to promote your own blog has become the “new thing” in site promotion. 

Well, after reading Copybloggers’ The Essentials of Guest-Blogging Strategy for SEO, Traffic, and Audience-Building, I think I may have decided that “to Guest Blog” will be the answer to my question and that my guest blogging software will be

Guest Blogging Software:  Do You Need It?

a guest blogging solutionIf you would like to submit guest blogs on other people’s sites, the process can take an immense amount of time.

How do I know?  I tried it for one month.

Here is what takes place if you guest blog in the traditional manner.  You must first contact a guest blog host and determine if they will accept a post on your topic du-jour.  If they respond, they will respond with a “maybe” but “we need to see your guest post first”.

So, you then write your guest article and they may or may not review it.  Yes, you might not even hear back from them.  Most sites, however, are good at getting back to you.

Often, they will ask for revisions to your post, and then, perhaps, more revisions.  It can literally take one month or more to get your guest post published on another site.

Really?  One month for one link back to my Olswell blog?

There must be another way and, as I discovered, that way is through guest blogging software.

The Best Guest Blogging Software

I reviewed various guest posting software tools that make guest blogging easier and the one that I discovered I liked the most was Ultimate Guest Blogger.  After reading the article entitled guest blogging can be a pain,, I found an author who shared my sentiments about just how difficult submitting guest posts to a blog can be.

The Ultimate Guest Blogger software uses a “trust model”.  If you write good stuff, it will automatically be published on a host blog without any delays.  This means many more links back to your site without waiting a whole month.

It has been my ultimate solution to succesfully guest blog and can be yours too.

You can take for a test drive now at .


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